XPR Precision Balances from Mettler Toledo

Outstanding weighing performance even under challenging conditions!

Mettler Toledo’s XPR balances offer users the most accurate and precise weighing results, even under the most difficult weighing conditions.

The novel SmartPan™ weighing pan reduces the influences of air currents on the weighing cell, allowing users to utilize even 1 mg balances without any draft shield in regular conditions. In addition, special balance quality assurance functions, such as password-protected, GWP-Approved user profiles, support users in sustaining maximum process security.

The XPR balances are highly durable and have been developed to endure harsh chemicals, dirt, dust, and accidental overload. Rounded edges and smooth surfaces make the entire balance quite easy to clean, and additional covers together with a complete metal housing protect it against harsh chemicals, splashing liquids, and dust.

The XPR precision balances include a readability range from 0.1 mg to 1 g, and a capacity of 200 g to 64 kg. Therefore, a XPR balance is available to suit each application.

Fast and accurate precision weighing even in difficult conditions

The XPR precision balances offer faster results and excellent repeatability in any kind of setting. Users can get their results twice as fast when compared to that of a regular weighing pan, even when weighing in a challenging production setting or a fume cupboard.

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The XPR precision balances with SmartPan™ are the only 1-mg balances that can be utilized without the need for a draft shield under regular conditions. During the weighing-in process, the draft shield doors can be left open in a fume cupboard.

Efficient workflows

The XPR Precision balances can be easily used and integrated with a complete set of smart functions to help users to work faster and more efficiently.

Stored weighing method

Saved weighing techniques assure reliable processes and allow users to quickly perform their everyday tasks. Task data and results are recorded automatically on the built-in results protocol. Error-prone and time-intensive manual data input/output can be avoided.

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Built-in results notepad

The entire weighing task parameters are automatically recorded on the built-in results notepad. Users can add their own comments and transfer to a printer or computer for in-depth weighing documentation.

Process under control

Through the LabX software, users can save their SOPs and keep them ready in their balance terminal. In addition, guided workflows guarantee process security of users’ routine weighing and also help them to meet essential quality requirements. The LabX software enables users to preserve data integrity as per ALCOA+ guidelines and thus pass audits effortlessly.

Compliance with industry-specific regulations

The XPR precision balances are fitted with sophisticated quality assurance functions, which actively tracks all balance parameters that are related to accurate weighing. Users can set up these functions based on their individual needs.

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Ready-to-use balance

Unique StatusLight™ has been integrated into the front of the balance terminal. It promptly informs users by using particular colors, whether their balance is ready to use, thereby allowing them to begin their weighing process. The status of the balance can be seen at a glance and is recorded against every weighing result to offer complete process security.

Safe weighing range

The GWP-Approved function actively tracks the status of the balance and makes sure that users invariably weigh within the safe weighing range. The icon displayed on the balance screen assures users of precise and reproducible results. Users can contact Mettler Toledo to activate the GWP-Approved function in their respective balances.

Weighing within tolerances

Tolerance Profiles can be set up to make sure that weighing tasks fulfill the defined quality regulations and requirements. When results are out of specifications, an on-screen warning is given. Both traceability and consistency are ensured when the same profile is used each time a specific task is performed.

XPR high capacity precision balances

The XPR large platform precision balances are highly durable and ensure consistent weighing results even in adverse conditions.

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With a readability range of 1 mg to 1 g and a capacity of 10 to 64 kg, these balances provide ranging solutions to fulfill the demands of users’ applications. High-capacity precision balances are ideal for weighing low net sample weights found in heavy containers. For instance, the XPR26003LC has a capacity of 26.1 kg and a readability of 1 mg, allowing users to precisely weigh small amounts even in a gas bottle.

Effortless data integrity

The LabX software provides a versatile solution for laboratory data management. Users can connect all their Excellence laboratory instruments to the LabX software for complete adherence to regulatory compliance.

The LabX software includes features like automated recording, SOP user guidance on the balance display, a secure centralized database including audit trail back up and centralized user management, and calculation and transfer of data (including metadata), thereby helping users to fulfill MHRA and FDA 21 CFR part 11 requirements for data integrity and be promptly prepared for audits.

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Central Instrument management and control

Users can employ the LabX software as the core control point for all their laboratory instruments, such as balances, melting point devices, refractometers, pH meters, titrators, etc., regardless of where they are placed.

From any connected PC, users can handle all users and also up to 30 instruments, with an overview of upcoming and ongoing tasks. In addition, the LabX software notifies users if a balance service or test is due, rendering it easy to make sure that all instruments are maintained up to date and that weighing results are valid.

Efficient weighing with smart accessories

Users can improve their weighing applications with Mettler Toledo’s expertly engineered accessories and make their day-to-day tasks more ergonomic and efficient. They can select from barcode readers, printers, protective covers, display stands, sensors, and CarePacs for touch-free operation and more.

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Better weighing performance in 6 easy steps

Users can choose the right precision balance and optimize their analytical process efficiency. They can also save time and money with the latest checklist.

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