Comparator XPR6U from METTLER TOLEDO

METTLER TOLEDO manual mass comparators guarantee top measurement performance and full traceability of weighing results.

METTLER TOLEDO’s XPR6U is a manual mass comparator that has a capacity of 6.1 g and a readability of 0.1 µg. The accurate and reliable comparator includes features like GWP approved built-in, SmartView terminal and modern user interface. It also includes MC Link, which is a mass calibration software.

Accurate mass determination

The manual mass comparators available from METTLER TOLEDO ensure superior measurement performance and complete traceability of weighing results.

Unmatched productivity using MC link

MC Link, the mass calibration workflow software developed for both new and expert users, increases data security, efficiency, and compliance.

Minimized weighing errors

Error-free functioning via user-guidance on the color touchscreen and automated draft shield doors ensures hands-free, smooth process.



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Maximum Capacity 6.1 g
Readability 0.1 µg
Repeatability (Low Load) (5%) 0.25 µg
Repeatability (Nominal Load) 0.4 µg
Repeatability (typical) 0.15 µg
Repeatability ABA at Nominal Load 0.4 µg
Repeatability ABA at Low Load 0.25 µg
Electrical Weighing Range 0 g – 6.1 g
OIML Class E1; E2; F1
Gravimetric eccentricity elimination Included
Software MC Link 2 Mass Calibration Software Included
Weight 5.3 kg
Adjustment Internal / ProFACT
Guaranteed Repeatability 0.25 µg
Minimum Weight (USP, 0.1%, typical) 0.3 mg
Material Number(s) 30279276


Space-saving design

With the smallest footprint in the market, the XPR offers the convenience of positioning the main terminal in any place from where it is easy to access.

Two terminal concept

The SmartView terminal placed above the weighing chamber offers all the functions required to perform the weighing tasks.

Simplify repetitive tasks

Users can simply store task methods in their own methods library, which is also suitable for methods that include multiple samples or test series.

Direct data transfer

Users can effortlessly transfer task parameters and results to a software application or PC through USB or directly without using any additional software.