Novogen granted Canadian patent for health supplements for the treatment of menopause symptoms

Pharmaceutical company, Novogen, has been granted patent coverage over its OTC products being sold in Canada. The patent covers the isoflavone composition of the products Promensil(TM), Rimostil(TM) and Trinovin(TM).

Additionally the patent covers the use of isoflavone health supplements for the treatment of menopause symptoms. The CEO of Novogen, Mr. Christopher Naughton, said the grant of this patent significantly strengthens Novogen's position in the Canadian market. "The issue of this Canadian patent will facilitate Novogen discussions with other companies now engaged in, or planning to enter the market in which Promensil, Rimostil and Trinovin compete in Canada," Mr. Naughton said. This patent (# 2,136,233) covers isoflavones in health supplement tablets and capsules including those sourced from red clover and soy.

Novogen uses red clover as the source of the four types of isoflavones in its products, and has licensed to Solae LLC (a joint venture company of DuPont and Bunge), in most countries of the world including Canada, the rights to health supplements containing isoflavones extracted from soy. The U.S. version of this patent as it relates to soy has already been granted, and under the license from Novogen, Solae has commenced patent litigation asserting infringement against a number of parties in the U.S. More information on the Novogen group of companies and their associated technology developments can be found at and at


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