Soy formula not a good choice for infants at risk of allergies

Soy-protein based infant formulas have been used to treat infants who have food allergies or intolerances.

This raises the possibility that soy formulas might prevent food allergies in children at high-risk, such as an infant with family history of allergy. A recent review of the available literature, however, concludes that there is no evidence to suggest that soy formulas are any more effective in preventing allergies than formula based on cow's milk. In addition, the research showed that there was more risk of developing allergies if a soy formula was used rather than a hydrolysed protein formula. As a result, soy formulas cannot be recommended for preventing allergies in high-risk infants.

The Cochrane Library - Issue 3 of 2004 is published this week by Wiley, and this newsletter highlights some of the key health care conclusions reached by new Cochrane reviews and their implications for practice.


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