VeriChip awarded U.S. patent for RFID asset tracking system

Applied Digital Solutions, though its subsidiary VeriChip Corporation has announced today that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted VeriChip Corp. a patent for its portable RFID asset location system.

The patent, No. # 7,116,230, combines RFID tagging technology with a portable receiver to track the location of assets within a fixed setting, such as a building or warehouse.

Rather than relying on a network of fixed receivers, the asset location system utilizes portable receivers to collect RFID messages, which the system uses to identify the unique ID of the asset as well as its room location.

Daniel A. Gunther, President of VeriChip Corporation commented, "This patent is an extension of our proven RFID-based asset tracking technology. The portability of the receiver is a unique feature that we believe could have many applications in industrial, warehouse and healthcare settings. By not requiring the installation of numerous fixed receivers throughout a facility, such a system could substantially lower the initial cost of implementing RFID technology."

Applied Digital develops innovative identification and security products for consumer, commercial, and government sectors worldwide.

The Company's unique and often proprietary products provide identification and security systems for people, animals, the food supply, government/military arena, and commercial assets.

Included in this diversified product line are RFID applications, end-to-end food safety systems, GPS/Satellite communications, and telecomm and security infrastructure, positioning Applied Digital as the leader in identification technology.


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