Promega unveils Maxwell 16 Viral Total Nucleic Acid Purification Kit

Promega announces the release of the Maxwell® 16 Viral Total Nucleic Acid Purification Kit which, among other labs, currently serves the OCA Hospital in Mexico for H1N1 clinical research. OCA, the largest private hospital in Monterrey Mexico, participated in a Promega early access program for the kit and continues its use after going through its own evaluation process for purification options.

“We looked at every automated viral nucleic acid extraction tool out there, including those in beta,” explains Dr. Evelyn Gonzalez, Molecular Medicine and Cell Therapy Lab Assistant. “We selected the suite of tools that gave us the fastest processing capability with peace of mind in the data. In our clinical research, we couldn’t afford to have questionable results that require rework.”

Clinical research labs worldwide have evaluated both the viral kit and a new Maxwell 16 MDx instrument. After rigorous review, both kit and instrument are now available.

New Maxwell 16 Viral Total Nucleic Acid Purification Kit

The kit works in conjunction with both the newly released Maxwell 16 MDx instrument as well as existing Maxwell 16 instruments to provide automated viral nucleic acid extraction.

Early access testers found that using the Maxwell 16 Viral Purification Kit:

  • Purifies viral nucleic acids from Respiratory Virus (H1N1), HCV, HBV and CMV
  • Integrates with biosafety protocols – easily fits under biohazard hood
  • Applies to variety of biologic sample types including serum, plasma and respiratory swabs
  • Enables optimal, consistent purification of high concentration viral DNA or RNA

New Maxwell 16 MDx Instrument

The Maxwell 16 MDx Instrument includes capabilities important to the needs of clinical research labs including:

  • Sample tracking and bar coding capability to enable accurate processing
  • Decontamination UV light
  • Touch screen menus for ease in operation

The entire line of Maxwell 16 instrument and systems serve as an integral tool for the specific needs in research, clinical research and forensic labs worldwide. Maxwell 16 supports labs performing clinical research to improve methods for molecular toxicology, prenatal genetic testing, genetic screening and genotyping. Scientists can easily extract up to 16 DNA or RNA samples in 30-45 minutes. Automation avoids potential problems associated with contamination and inconsistency encountered using manual purification methods.


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