E-18 Corp. enters dental syringe market, completes US patent filing for the Protectus Safety Dental Syringe

E-18 Corp. (OTCBB: ETEN), through its wholly owned subsidiary, SquareOne Medical, Inc., doing business as Protectus Medical Devices ("Protectus Medical Devices"), today announces completion of the US patent filing for the Protectus Safety Dental Syringe, broadening the company’s market opportunities to include the multi-billion dollar dental syringe market.

The new Protectus Safety Dental Syringe device will be fully compliant with all OSHA regulations under the federal Needlestick Safety Act while meeting the clinical needs of dentists throughout the United States. The patent filing immediately gives Protectus Medical design and utility patent-pending status.

“Complementing our revolutionary, self-sheathing, hypodermic safety syringe, the Protectus Safety Dental Syringe will provide significant accidental needlestick protection for dental healthcare providers,” said Dr. John Salstrom, President and CEO of Protectus Medical Devices. “What makes this dental syringe announcement so timely for shareholders and investors is not just the fact that we are pursuing substantial new growth opportunities in the multi-billion dollar dental syringe market, but due to their increased complexity, dental syringes are typically a higher margin business as well.”

The Protectus Safety Dental Syringe incorporates a unique non-uniform, flattened helix design, known as the Helix Actuator Spring, that allows the spring to fully collapse and expose the entire needle, while simultaneously supplying sufficient force for the self-sheathing action to be fully effective at any stage of spring contraction.

Dr. Salstrom added, “By employing truly self-sheathing technology, the Protectus Dental Syringe could significantly reduce or obviate needlestick injuries that affect dentists and other dental healthcare providers, while also using design elements that keep costs competitive and make injections during dental visits as safe as possible.”

Developed by Protectus Medical Devices, the Protectus Dental Syringe has the potential to revolutionize this segment of the healthcare system as the only safety dental syringe in the world that self-sheaths and meets every requirement of the OSHA mandates passed by the U.S. Federal Government. For more information about Protectus Medical Devices, please visit: www.protectusmedical.com


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