HAAN provides swine flu tips

While Americans anxiously await the arrival of the H1N1 Flu Vaccine in their area, many are seeking new methods to try to keep their homes germ free and their families healthy during this flu season. HAAN, the Steam Cleaning Experts, offer fast and effective ways to easily maintain a sanitized home without the use of harsh chemicals. The company's full line of steam cleaning products for the home uses the power of 212 degrees F steam to kill 99.9% of bacteria, simply with the use of water.

HAAN urges Americans to embrace the new, clean and effective technology to clean with the power of steam. With this in mind, HAAN offers a few simple tips to help keep you and your family healthy during this flu season:

  • Blow-dry Before Bed and Blow Away Germs: Falling asleep with wet hair not only creates unwanted morning bed head, but a pillow case full of germs and dust mites.
  • Kill Cabin Fever: Cold weather means more indoor play-dates for children. Help prevent illness by using non-toxic cleaning tools like HAAN's HS20 Handheld Steamer to kill bacteria on toys, or the MS30 Multi-Function Steam Cleaner to sanitize floors and play areas with just the power of steam.
  • Conquer Computer Contamination: Hefty amounts of homework equals multiple people logging long hours on the house computer. Dirty hands and fingers can unknowingly easily pass germs from one family member to the next. Wipe down computers with sanitizing cloths.
  • Wallop Bacteria out of Wet Winter Hats, Scarves and Gloves: Many don't realize that that pile of wet hats, gloves and scarves left in a heap by the front door are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. For a quick and effective fix, HAAN, the Bacteria Beating Specialists, suggest using their HS20 Handheld Steamer to blast away bacteria at 212 degrees F. Hold the steamer one inch away from the items, and simply steam away the bacteria on contact.
  • Hand Sanitizers for the Home: Dirty hands can spread germs and bacteria throughout your home. In addition to promoting hand washing among family members, keep hand sanitizers strategically placed in each room of the house for easy accessibility. Additionally, provide each family member with a travel sized bottle to carry in their purse, backpack or briefcase.
  • Dust mites and dreams do not make good bed partners: Invisible dust mites and bacteria that live in your mattress can make you ill even when you sleep. HAAN's GS60 Steam Station kills these living organisms on contact by passing the head of the steamer over the entire mattress, leaving you assured that all you'll get is a good night's sleep!

HAAN, the Steam Cleaning Experts


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