Women more successful at setting and achieving health and wellness goals

How will you achieve the “healthy” part of your New Year's resolutions? Your approach probably depends on whether you’re a woman or a man.

According to a new national survey sponsored by Centrum® Ultra multivitamins, a line of scientifically-advanced, gender-and age-specific adult multivitamins, nearly all Americans (93 percent) surveyed have established at least one new health and wellness goal in the past year, but the survey shows that men and women may set different goals.

Seventy-eight percent of women surveyed said in the past year they set goals to eat better and 63 percent said they set goals to lose weight. Women are also more likely than men to take a multivitamin and focus on nutrition-monitoring activities when setting their goals. Men, on the other hand, are more likely than women to set goals to exercise more.

The majority of men and women surveyed felt that women are more successful at setting and achieving health and wellness goals. Many women felt a lack of time and energy prevents them from reaching their goals as they age. In addition, a majority of women felt that age had an impact on their ability to achieve their goals compared to when they were younger. Many men felt a roadblock to achieving their health and wellness goals was that their goals were more overwhelming in scope.

Source Pfizer Inc.


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