Innovative ways to get fit in 2010

Resolutions, resolutions - are you fed up with everyone asking you what you've got in store for 2010? Or maybe you're chuffed that you've nailed down some this year, but secretly know you'll forget about them as soon as people stop asking?

Well, it's not just about doing something in January; it's about giving you something to focus on for the rest of the year. loves January's 'New Year, New You' approach; it's great to see people giving themselves a goal, and gives you something long term to focus on. It's all about charting your progress, monitoring where you're up to once you've set up fitness targets and challenges, and being motivated by other people on the site. Why not try something new? After all, you'll never know you like it unless you try it.

So, for something a bit different this year has come up with 5 new ways to get fit this 2010:

Budokan - Is a mixture of martial arts and yoga that is slowly taking hold of the fitness world. This Japanese art hones the physical self by way of concentration of the mind, slow concise yoga and martial arts movements. It improves stamina, speed, agility and flexibility. In one 90 minute session you can shed around 800 calories! Wow - get on it...

Zumba - It is a mixture of cardiovascular and aerobic exercise routines that infuse exercise with dance, and choreography. This South American workout tones the body through its use of resistance exercises, which effectively amount to interval training due to the varying speeds at which they are carried out - get dancing!

Karaoke Spinning - this will liven up that hard paced spinning class! If you've got any breath left during one of these demanding classes you can yell out your favourite tunes at the top of your voice - surely there's a motivation.

Kettle bells Workout - perform squats and lunges while swinging the 'kettle bell' above your head, burning up to 1500 calories per session. Essentially you are working your core muscles and building endurance. It is also a great way to improve posture too.

Burlesque Dancing - this is a form of dance that has become popular over the last couple of years, thanks to celebrities like Dita Von Teese. A strenuous workout compromising a series of flowing dance moves, particularly popular with the ladies the dance routines tend to mock many other genres and styles. But it's very popular in gyms and a great cardiovascular workout.



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