BHRT for treatment of SAD in women

Patients Medical, a leading integrative and holistic medicine center in New York City, offers cutting-edge Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) to help women transition from winter to spring when hormonal modulations are especially high. Rashmi Gulati, MD, Medical Director of Patients Medical and a trained holistic physician with the American College for Advancement of Medicine, helps women gain relief from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) through individualized bioidentical hormone treatments.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), caused by hormonal imbalances in the brain, has especially high rates in early spring. "A lot of women think they are depressed, or don't understand why they are gaining weight. These women experience anger, lose their sex drive, and find it difficult to sleep. What they don't know is that these symptoms are caused by an imbalance with their estrogen and progesterone." Through BHRT, Dr. Gulati is able to bring stability and balance back to the lives of women.

Bioidentical hormones are the best option to treat hormonal imbalances because they are identical to your body's natural hormones. "They are made from natural substances such as soy and yams," explains Dr. Gulati. "The molecular structure of bioidentical hormones replicates human hormones, unlike pharmaceutical hormones, which are made from substances that may break down into carcinogen-forming products that our bodies are unable to eliminate."

At Patients Medical, Dr. Gulati makes sure that each client receives individualized care. After a detailed consultation, which may include blood tests as well as saliva and urine samples, Dr. Gulati analyzes the results to see if hormones are balanced. The patient is then put on a varied regimen of supplements, nutrients, IV therapy, and bioidentical hormones, which is tailored specifically for each person's needs. Dr. Gulati notes, "We do not treat the numbers. The goal is to treat the whole person and achieve optimum health to prevent diseases before they occur."

With over 15 years of experience, Dr. Rashmi Gulati is a leader in internal and integrative medicine. By combining Eastern and Western medicine, Dr. Gulati is able to provide patients with a complete balance in care. Through the treatment of bioidentical hormones, Dr. Gulati aims to improve overall well-being and increase the quality of life for her patients.

SOURCE Patients Medical


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