ResMed launches S9 sleep apnoea therapy platform in Europe

ResMed (NYSE:RMD), a leading developer, manufacturer, and distributor of sleep and respiratory medical equipment, today introduced its new cutting-edge sleep apnoea therapy platform called the S9 Series in Europe. The S9 Series combines a sleek design with superior functionality and more comfort. Combined climate control and humidification delivers unsurpassed comfort to the patient by controlling both the temperature and humidity that the patient breathes. The S9 Series is expected to help more sleep apnoea patients adhere to the treatment, but also help sleep professionals make more informed decisions.

“With patients across the world in mind, we are thrilled to introduce a true revolution in positive airway pressure therapy”

The most effective treatment for sleep apnoea is Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) therapy. In this non-invasive treatment, air is pressurised by a small device and delivered to the airway of the patient through a mask that fits on/over the nose, or nose and mouth. The pressurised air keeps the upper airway open and helps the person to get a restful night without interruptions caused by apnoeas.

“With patients across the world in mind, we are thrilled to introduce a true revolution in positive airway pressure therapy,” said Michael Farrell, SVP of the Global Sleep Business Unit at ResMed. “ResMed is convinced that the S9 Series will contribute to improved patient comfort, compliance and outcomes; in the long run, this should lead to more healthcare savings. Air is delivered quietly and comfortably at the precise temperature and humidity that the sleeping patient, provider, and physician have set; this will make a significant difference in patient comfort. In addition to the advanced features, clinical algorithms, connectivity options, the S9 Series design fits right into any patient’s home. This next generation CPAP and APAP series no longer has the look and feel of hospital equipment – S9 Series is true homecare at its best.”

Sleep apnoea is one of the more common, and yet highly undiagnosed, sleep disorders. The condition causes the sufferer to stop breathing throughout the night. There are three types of sleep apnoea; obstructive, mixed and central. Obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) is the most common and is marked by the collapse or obstruction of the airway during sleep. The new S9 system treats OSA while also detecting central sleep apnoea and reporting a central apnea index for follow-up by providers and physicians.

A new study published in Science Translational Medicine, shows that it is very hard to catch up on lost sleep, and that the fatigue that follows interrupted sleep presents safety risks in traffic and at the workplace. A person with untreated sleep apnoea does not have the opportunity to catch up on lost sleep since the condition is a daily occurrence.

In addition to road and workplace accidents, the condition is responsible for contributing to extreme sleepiness, nodding off during the day, inability to perform optionally at work, elevated levels of blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, episodes of stroke, and depression. While many people perceive snoring as a common harmless problem, it can be a clear sign of this serious condition.



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