Research investigates GI and GL values of Chinese traditional foods

Previous studies have shown that GI is a reproducible measure of day-long postprandial glycemia. Over 2480 GI values of individual food items were listed in the recent edition of international tables of GI and GL. The relationship between food GI and human health has been largely investigated and is still one of the research hotspots in this research field. During recent years, the GI values of some local foods have been measured in different Asian countries because most of the published GI data are based on analysis carried out in western countries. Chinese traditional foods, although some styles are very popular and well-known worldwide, are very different from western foods with recipes followed strictly as laboratory instructions. Therefore, it was worthwhile determining the GI and GL values of Chinese traditional foods so as to advise local individuals on their daily diets and provide tools to undertake related studies in this area.

A research article to be published on March 28, 2010 in the World Journal of Gastroenterology addresses this question. This research, conducted by Professor Wong Heung-sang Stephen and his colleagues in the Chinese University of Hong Kong, has investigated the GI and GL values of some popular Chinese traditional foods which had not been determined before. The findings of this research will provide valuable information to both researchers and common individuals on their food preference.

Professor Wong Heung-sang Stephen and his research group have focused their studies on sports nutrition, with a particular emphasis on the application of the GI in exercise performance during the past few years. A series of research articles about the GI, immunity, metabolism and exercise performance have been published. This research was a further development of previous research and the results of this study are also preliminary references on the setup of a GI and GL database for Chinese traditional foods later.

Source: World Journal of Gastroenterology


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