Second stage of pool laws will cost a precious buck to 70% pool owners

The Bligh Government yesterday released further changes in the pool safety laws and nearly 70% of all Gold Coast and Queensland homes with pools, including portable and inflatable ones will need to spend extra on upgrades.

The new costs involved in the second stage that will come into effect this December are estimated to be at least $430, with pool owners who do not comply with existing pool safety requirements needing to spend an additional $730. Infrastructure Minister Stirling Hinchliffe announced that the consultation paper can be viewed at

He said there will be a lot of time to bring on the upgrades. “The Bligh Government is not prepared to take risks with the safety of young children around pools…Last year alone, eight children drowned in Queensland pools. In the last six years, 35 children have drowned in the state's residential swimming pools…In addition, it is estimated that 50 children a year present to emergency departments for immersion injuries, some of whom suffer brain damage…If one child is saved or protected from injury as a result of these new measures, the costs will be worth it,” he declared.

These new rules are decided upon by a committee that including Australian Institute of Building Surveyors, Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian, Dawn Spinks, independent child drowning prevention expert, Department of Community Safety (Queensland Ambulance Service), Department of Infrastructure and Planning, Housing Industry Association, Kidsafe Australia, Local Government Association of Queensland, Queensland Health, Queensland Injury Surveillance Unit, Queensland Master Builders Association, Royal Life Saving Society Australia and Swimming Pool and Spa Association of Queensland.

The first stage that was introduced last year included adoption of fencing standards and CPR signs, mandatory follow-up inspections, maintenance of Queensland pool register and up gradation of police reports of pool incidents. This new stage will mandate two yearly certified pool safety inspections. Councils will have a greater power at there inspections. Fencing of all portable pools deeper than 300mm will be made mandatory and mandatory replacement of door forming pool barriers to fences. These laws will be applicable to all pools including those at hotels, residences, caravan parks etc. This phase has also specified the realm of council, local and state pool laws.

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Dr. Ananya Mandal

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