NYBC urges community to donate blood in recognition of Mother's Day

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New York Blood Center (NYBC) and its divisions serving the 20 million people of New York City, Long Island, the Hudson Valley, and New Jersey call upon the community to please donate blood in recognition of Mother's Day and families everywhere who are brought together by lives saved through the selfless gifts given by blood donors. Mother's Day is Sunday, May 9, 2010.

More than 450 platelet donors qualified for a free bouquet of spray roses delivered to their "favorite mom" on Thursday, May 6, 2010.  As part of the program, donors who made four platelet donations to New York Blood Center between February 13 and April 30, 2010, including at least one "critical period" donation between April 1-14 were eligible for the bouquet, which included a personalized message for Mother's Day.

Moms like Sue Macnab and Stacey Mason-Sottile are forever grateful for blood donors.

"My 6-year old son Patrick has a rare bleeding disorder and has been the recipient of several transfusions in his young life. His own platelets don't function properly, and there is no medication for his condition," said Sue Macnab, Patrick's mother.  "The benefit of donating blood or platelets is the knowledge that your donation is that of the precious time you may be giving back to a child who needs the blood or platelets because it is the only thing that can save their life.  As a mom of a child in such a unique situation and on behalf of moms everywhere whose child may need blood or platelets for any reason, I would like to urge people to give the gift of life and donate blood or platelets."

Stacey Mason-Sottile is diagnosed with sickle cell disease and relies on blood transfusions to stay alive and care for her family.

"I am a wife and mother of two boys.  While in the hospital, I am treated for days or weeks at a time hoping to recover so that I may make it home to spend another day with my family.  Drop by drop, the donated blood gradually travels through my body, bringing me back to good health."

New York Blood Center requires about 1,500-1,800 volunteer blood donations each and every day to support regional hospitals.  Now is the time to donate blood or sponsor a blood drive to help maintain our community blood supply during the summer months.

To donate blood or for information on how to organize a blood drive,

Please call Toll Free:  1-800-933-2566

Visit:  www.nybloodcenter.org

Any company, community organization, place of worship, or individual may host a blood drive.  NYBC also offers special community service scholarships for students who organize community blood drives during the winter holiday and summer periods.  Blood donors receive free mini-medical exams on site including information about their temperature, pulse rate, blood pressure and hemoglobin level.  Eligible donors include those people at least age 16 (with parental permission or consent), who weigh a minimum of 110 pounds, are in good health and meet all Food & Drug Administration and NY or NJ State Department of Health donor criteria.  People age 76 and over may donate with a doctor's note.

SOURCE New York Blood Center


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