Teva Pharmaceutical launches Gianvi Tablets

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. (Nasdaq:TEVA) announced today that it has commercially launched Gianvi (Drospirenone and Ethinyl Estradiol) Tablets, the Company's generic version of Bayer's Yaz® Tablets. Total sales of Yaz® Tablets were approximately $782 million in the United States, for the twelve months that ended December 31, 2009, based on IMS sales data.

As the first company to file an Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA) containing a paragraph IV certification for this product, Teva has been awarded a 180-day period of marketing exclusivity.

As previously announced, Teva has the right to launch an authorized generic version of the product, supplied by Bayer, in July 2011.


Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

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  1. Angry Female Angry Female United States says:

    It's crazy that the price of the "generic" version of Yaz costs $76 dollars. Generics shouldn't cost more than $25 dollars, still, Gianvi is the first generic that I know to cost only $10 less that the brand version of the same drug.

    As pioneer as Yaz is, it's had the generic version in Argentina for less than $20 dollars, actually, for only $50 Argentine pesos you get the same contraceptive in Argentina. Why us in the United States have to pay so much for birth control? Do they want to increase childbirth rates? Isn't it crazy that we're paying $76 dollars for something that offers the same level of prevention against pregnancy as a condom and we're also at risk of all the secondary effects? Pills shouldn't cost more than $20 bucks to become affordable to all of us women who work, get paid less than men for the same job, and still we are the ones paying month after month for something that kills our libido!

    • Robbie Robbie United States says:

      The generic is 20 dollars cheaper here without insurance. Yaz is about 76 dollars here.

      On my insurance Yaz is a little over 17 dollars-the generic is a little under 6 dollars. And birth control is more effective than condoms. Most condoms are put on upside down for one thing, so if you can remember to take one pill a day at the same time-hell you can miss a max of three I think and still be okay possibly (still use a back up like they say)

      Also not everyone uses birth control to keep from having birth. I take it so I don't bleed and cramp to death for two weeks with a break for a week. Just saying. Also Yaz helps with PMDD and heavy bleeding.

      And it awakened my libido instead of killing it.....but I didn't have any before I took it, so that isn't saying much.

  2. PTech PTech United States says:

    When a generic hits the market it is rarely "affordable". It is very normal for Gianvi (generic for YAZ) to cost between $60 and $70, it's new. It takes years for the cost of generic to come down and even then you will see the price go up at times. There are other affordable oral contraceptives and also non oral. Many companies also have coupons available to help lower the out of pocket cost for the patient.  

  3. JSL JSL United States says:

    I paid $35 for Yaz and now only pay $5 for Gianvi.

    So far no complaints.

  4. miranda miranda United States says:

    I am trying to debate on switching .... do you guys think this pill is as effective in the birth control are as YAZ or do you think it isnt as strong or is the same??

    • HMH
      Heather Heather United States says:

      It is NOT the same, I have taken Yaz for at least 4 years and have had no side effects--NONE. Now with generic I have an annoying side effect daily, not just the 4 little white pills, everyday for the last 2 months. what a joke!

    • Lisa Lisa United States says:

      I'm here looking to see if others don't think the generic works as well for PMDD, which is why I have taken and loved Yaz for years.  Of course with the big difference in price I have been taking the generic for months, and I just don't think it addresses my PMDD at all.  I guess for old-fashioned birth control it works fine, but since I've had a tubal and only use it for PMDD, I think I'm going to have to pay full Yaz price!

  5. Pam Pam United States says:

    For treatment of PMDD this generic form is missing something. I was given this to replace my YAZ because my coupon ran out. The pharmacy didn't ask if I wanted it changed they just did it. Well I tried it and just had a big blow out on my husband. I forgot how bad it can get. Just thought you girls out their that are taking YAZ for PMDD this product does not work like YAZ. Save your husband from seeing the ugly you. Stay on YAZ..

  6. autumn autumn United States says:

    I was taking Yaz for a while and now it will be my first time taking Gianvi. Is it the same? I have no insurance and the brand went up to $82 and the generic is $62 but I hope it works like Yaz does...!

  7. michelle michelle United States says:

    I do not have insurance and am currently paying 67 dollars for generic Yaz. Why does it cost so much to not get pregnant?

  8. Jase Jase United States says:

    This crap will kill all of you. You will all pay one way or another by taking this poison. Well deserved for all you whores walking around with those matresses strapped to your backs.

    • Bekah Bekah United States says:

      Has it ever occurred to you that a good portion of women take birth control because they are married and want to wait to have children? My husband and I use both condoms and the pill to keep us from having children until we are financially ready. we are being responsible. How DARE you call us women that are being responsible enough to know that bringing a child into the world would be a HUGE mistake. You seem like a bible thumping idiot, so would you rather have no birth control and a million more abortions? You are ignorant.

  9. Cameryn Cameryn United States says:

    Why do you women with your negative insult hurling comments even post your unhelpful ignorant remarks?  I mean why bother?  I can only think that your lives are so miserable and you are so angry and bitter, that you surf around and try to belittle or insult others. Does it make you feel superior?  Does it make you happy?  Because any psychologist will tell you, you don't appear to be happy otherwise you wouldn't busy yourself doing what you did on this post. It's a shame there are people like you in the world. I'm sorry you are so miserable, insecure and disappointed with your life but you can seek help to change your state of mind and become healthy and happy so that maybe you can actually contribute positive to the world instead of propel hatefulness and ignorant misplaced anger.  Good luck to you both, and I mean that.  You truly need it.  

  10. Yaz
    Kimber Kimber United States says:

    I have used birth control for 25 years and currently use it to maintain regular cycles, as well as for birth control.  I am married with 3 children and my family status is complete.  Vasectomies are not covered by my insurance and neither are my pills (I work for a Catholic company) so I get my yearly exam and prescriptions from my OB/GYN and then I take the prescription to the health dept to fill it.  I am in the highest paying income bracket at the health dept but I still get it at cost and it is WAY cheaper than going and filling it from any of my local pharmacies.  I know most health depts do not carry the brand name Yaz or Yazmin but they might have the generic at a reasonable price based on your family's income.  You should check it out.  

  11. Yaz
    Kimber Kimber United States says:

    To add to that, my OB/GYN said that back in the day, before birth control, most women stayed pregnant and/or breastfed so much that they had less periods than we do today and what the pill does is trick your body into thinking you are pregnant, and it's perfectly safe to do that, as well as the studies coming out showing it is healthier.  

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