Clinica of Virginia offers medical services to Medicare and Medicaid patients for $1.00

In an effort to promote wellness and help those who are struggling to make ends meet, Clinica of Virginia, LLC. is providing quality medical services to Medicare and Medicaid patients for only $1.00. The national economic downturn, combined with national bureaucracy, has created a shortage of physicians and clinics who accept Medicare and Medicaid. Chronic, multiple medical conditions plague those Americans who can financially afford it the least, and physicians' offices who accept Medicare or Medicaid are now far and few between. Clinica accepts both.

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Clinica of Virginia, LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Exmovere Holdings, Inc. ( Clinica owns and operates a medical clinic in Fairfax, Virginia that specializes in internal medicine and geriatrics. Exmovere launched Clinica in July of this year with the goal of creating a statewide chain of emotion monitoring and telehealth oriented medical centers. Exmovere is a biomedical engineering company that produces devices that detect and respond to human emotions, including the recently announced "Exmobaby" biosensor garment for infants.

Diabetes is a chronic, many times lifelong disease, marked by high levels of sugar in the blood. Untreated high blood pressure can damage and weaken the arteries. In many cases, high blood pressure and diabetes go hand in hand. Kidney damage, blindness and other problems can occur if not treated promptly and methodically. For only $1.00, Clinica can start treatment of Medicare and Medicaid patients who suffer from these or any other maladies. Within 12 months, Clinica will also be able to offer these same patients Exmovere's biosensor-based remote monitoring devices, including the Telepath and Empath wristwatches.

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No matter what the presenting problem, Clinica patients get access to prescription medication to control their illnesses, nutritional counseling and social interaction with those who share their situation. As Woodrow Boyer, Executive General Manager of Clinica, stated: "Clinica treats the whole person, not just the illness or presenting problem. Clinica is so much more than a simple medical clinic – Clinica is connected to the community, and those who need us most – many times providing high quality medical services and treatment for only $1.00."

Clinica of Virginia accepts not only Medicare and Medicaid patients, but also patients with most other forms of insurance and patients with no insurance. Clinica is located at 10560 Main Street, Suite 215, Fairfax, VA 22030. Patients interested in scheduling appointments at Clinica in Fairfax should call 571-432-0700.

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