Morphologi G3 Raman chemical identification of contaminant particles

A new application note describing ‘Raman chemical identification of contaminant particles’ is now available on the Malvern Panalytical website. It highlights the ability of the company’s Morphologi G3 equipped with Raman microprobe accessory to target particulate impurities, an area of considerable interest to manufacturers of complex, high value products where control of particle size and shape is crucial. The application note can be downloaded at

Malvern Panalytical recently announced an ‘early access program’ that is designed to introduce the benefits of combining automated particle size/shape analysis on the Morphologi G3 system with chemical identification provided by Raman spectroscopy, in the form of the new Morphologi G3-ID. MAL JOB 2132_Image 2

The Morphologi G3 is a fully automated, proven system which uses microscopy-based image analysis for the characterization of particle size and shape. The addition of a Raman microprobe enables chemical as well as physical characterization of particulates. This can be critical in troubleshooting out-of-specification products, for instance, where it is important to know whether outliers are misshapen particles of the correct material or foreign contaminants.

Able to characterize particles between 0.5 µm and 10 mm in size, the Morphologi G3-ID is capable of determining chemical composition, particle distribution in a mix of individual components, and foreign particle contaminants. It can also ascertain whether a particle contains single or multiple chemical components.

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