MAQUET introduces new pediatric oxygenators and reservoirs in the U.S.

MAQUET Cardiovascular today announced the launch of its QUADROX-i Neonatal and Pediatric oxygenators and reservoirs in the United States. Oxygenators are an integral part of a cardiopulmonary bypass system and function as an artificial lung during surgical procedures.

"This is an exciting time for perfusionists treating our fragile neonatal and pediatric patients, as these oxygenators and reservoirs provide us with new options for ensuring the best care for small children requiring cardiopulmonary bypass," said Vince Olshove, Certified Clinical Perfusionist and Chief of Perfusion Services at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio.  "These new QUADROX-i Neonatal and Pediatric oxygenators and reservoirs enable us to choose the appropriate-sized oxygenator and reservoirs for our smallest of patients needing surgery for congenital heart disease by presenting new opportunities in circuit size reduction for patients who weigh from 2 to 30 kilograms, which we believe may significantly reduce the need for blood transfusions in the operating room."

Congenital heart disease is the number one birth defect in the United States, occurring in 40,000 births each year.  Currently, 1.3 million Americans have some form of congenital heart disease. These defects are often so serious that highly complex corrective surgery must be performed using a heart-lung machine for cardiopulmonary bypass -- even as soon as a few hours after birth. In the United States, 20,000 cardiac surgery procedures are performed at 121 pediatric specialty centers annually. Repeat cardiac surgery procedures using extracorporeal circulation may be required at different points during the patient's lifetime, from birth through adulthood.

"The launch of the QUADROX-i Neonatal and Pediatric oxygenators and reservoirs builds on our well-established and proven QUADROX brand while providing us the opportunity to enter a new market that impacts the health of critically ill newborns and children," said Raoul Quintero, President and Chief Executive Officer of MAQUET Cardiovascular U.S. Sales. "With the addition of these oxygenators to our portfolio, we can now offer perfusionists and surgeons maximum oxygenator performance and safety during neonatal and pediatric cardiopulmonary bypass and provide critical support for even the smallest and most vulnerable patients."

Features of QUADROX-i Neonatal and Pediatric Oxygenators

The QUADROX-i Neonatal and Pediatric oxygenators offer significant improvements over currently comparable oxygenators.  During open-heart surgery on neonatal and pediatric patients, the integrated arterial filter, low pressure drop and minimal priming volume of the MAQUET oxygenators contribute to improved quality of perfusion.

Extracorporeal circulation (ECC) in neonatal and pediatric patients is associated with greater risks than ECC in adults. The smaller blood volume in children, and especially in neonates, results in a larger dilution of blood and blood products than with adults. Neonatal and pediatric patients are also more sensitive than adults to blood damage, microbubbles and particles, which can be highly dangerous and cause serious complications and injury if they are not adequately eliminated. The significantly reduced priming volumes of the QUADROX-i Neonatal and Pediatric Oxygenators reduce the blood dilution factor and ensure optimal oxygen supply and carbon dioxide removal for this small patient group. The efficient heat exchange capacities of both oxygenators enable rapid and precise blood and body temperature control.

The innovative integrated arterial filters in the MAQUET oxygenators have priming volumes up to 90 percent less than comparable stand-alone external arterial filters. Thus, microbubbles and particles larger than 33 microns are effectively filtered out of the blood without considerably increasing the priming volume. The unique integrated arterial filters have separate pre- and post- filter de-airing systems. This considerably simplifies the priming process and optimizes oxygenator and filter handling and management.  The integration of the arterial filter in the oxygenators reduces the amount of foreign surface with which the blood is in contact. The SOFTLINE and BIOLINE Coatings reduce cell adhesion, cell activation and the activation of the coagulation and complement systems, thereby helping to enhance the hemocompatibillity of the oxygenators.

Both the Neonatal and Pediatric oxygenators incorporate a special de-airing membrane to facilitate priming. This membrane, together with the unique geometry and blood flow path in the oxygenators enables bubble and air-free priming to be easily and safely accomplished without the usual manipulation and tapping of the oxygenator.

In addition to the QUADROX-i Neonatal and Pediatric oxygenators, MAQUET's family of oxygenators includes the QUADROX-i Adult and Small Adult oxygenator.


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