Toddler chews on a used condom at McDonald’s play area

In a “disgusting” incident a two-year-old girl was found chewing on a used condom she picked up in a McDonald's playground said the father of the child.

The father was eating lunch at the restaurant on Saturday when his infant daughter came out of the playground with a used condom in her mouth. “I was absolutely disgusted. Other people grabbed their kids and just about jumped the fence,” the father said. The man said he washed the girl's hands and mouth with soap and would get doctors to continue to monitor her health.

He said when he had showed the condom to a junior manager at the McDonald's outlet, he was informed it was the second one found in the playground that day. A spokeswoman for McDonald's said the company is investigating the incident at the fast-food chain's Geraldton outlet in Western Australia's mid-west. She said the company was treating the matter “very seriously”.

Cleanliness and safety were the company's top priorities, with the shift manager required to make half-hourly duty checks on all areas of the restaurant, including the dining room, rest rooms and playground, she said. The food chain owner promised that they are digging deep into the matter to find out who is responsible for this.

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  1. Jay Jay Australia says:

    It has been shown that some schoolgirls though it would be a funny joke to put some icecream into a condom and throw it inside the play equipment.

  2. Betty Betty United States says:

    McDonalds need to remove all playgrounds from their establishments. It is unfortunate that we have such scummy people living in this world and the few ruin it for the majority. Instead of the playground Mcdonalds could offer an inexpensive toy or coloring book to occupy the child. There seems to be to many incidents involving the play areas these days.

  3. Betty Betty United States says:

    Seems it was a hoax but I feel the girls responsible need to be punished. If McDonalds lets this slide there will be other pranksters eager to try some other sick joke. Community service at a McDonalds would suffice instead of legal action.

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