Thermo Fisher introduces Dionex ICS-5000 system

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science, today introduced the Thermo Scientific Dionex ICS-5000, a capillary high-pressure ion chromatography (HPIC™) system that increases separation speeds and provides sharper peaks for high-efficiency ion chromatography (IC). When used with new 4 µm particle-size capillary columns, the system is ideally suited for high-resolution and high-throughput separations. The company will showcase the Dionex ICS-5000 system in Thermo Scientific booth 2665 during Pittcon 2012, being held from March 11-15, in Orlando.

The Dionex ICS-5000 offers increased resolution with 4 µm-particle-size columns that enable users to discover peaks they may have been missing. As with prior Dionex IC systems from Dionex, this is a Reagent-Free™ instrument that uses deionized water to electrolytically generate high-purity eluents, saving time, labor and operating costs. Removing this manual process also reduces inconsistencies and increases reproducibility. The system consumes only 5.25 L of water per year at typical flow rates and produces little waste.

"We're excited to introduce new level of flexibility and performance in an HPLC system that is truly always ready for analysis," said John Plohetski, vice president and general manager, IC/SP, Thermo Fisher. "The system's flexible, modular design makes it suitable for a broad range of laboratory workflows."

The Dionex ICS-5000 HPIC system is ideal for a broad range of applications across the environmental, food safety, pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, life sciences and chemical industries. As part of an IC-ICP-MS routine workflow, for example, the Dionex ICS-5000 system was recently used to identify arsenic species in apple juice.

The Dionex ICS-5000 supports a wide range of detectors, including suppressed and non-suppressed conductivity, electrochemical, UV-Vis and mass spectrometry. For simultaneous analyses of two samples or two-dimensional analyses of a single sample, the system includes two channels that can be configured in a variety of ways, including standard bore/microbore, capillary/capillary and standard bore/capillary format.

The Dionex ICS-5000 offers full Thermo Scientific Dionex Chromeleon chromatography software support to streamline a laboratory's path from samples to results.


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