ViroPharma initiates maribavir Phase 2 program for CMV infections

ViroPharma Incorporated (NASDAQ: VPHM) today announced the initiation of a Phase 2 program to evaluate maribavir for the treatment of cytomegalovirus infections in transplant recipients.  The planned program will consist of two independent Phase 2 clinical studies that will include subjects at different ends of the spectrum of CMV infection or disease, namely those who have asymptomatic CMV, and those who have failed therapy with other anti-CMV agents.  Maribavir was granted U.S. Orphan Drug Designation in May of 2011 for treatment of clinically significant cytomegalovirus viremia and disease in at-risk patients. 

In addition, an abstract of data collected through the use of maribavir at six French transplant centers as part of a named patient program (NPP) has been accepted for the 24th International Congress of the Transplantation Society to be held on July 15th through 19th in Berlin, Germany. 

"Physicians continue to see potential value in the novel mechanism of action of maribavir when used at higher doses in critically ill patients, particularly when other options have failed," stated Marc E. Uknis, MD, medical director, ViroPharma Incorporated.  "The outcomes seen in a small number of the NPP patients and the previously published experience in emergency-use IND patients suggests the possibility that maribavir may provide meaningful antiviral effects in treating active CMV infection and merits further careful evaluation because of the serious unmet need in immunocompromised transplant patients."


ViroPharma Incorporated


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