The president's impassioned health law speech: 'We're going to keep fighting'

President Barack Obama was unusually detailed in his defense of the law, emphasizing the scope of insurance coverage for many Americans.

The Associated Press: Obama Declared Health Care Law 'Is Here To Stay'
Caught between nervous Democrats and emboldened Republicans, President Barack Obama on Friday stepped up the sales pitch on his health care overhaul as the final elements of his top domestic achievement go into effect. ... "There's a lot that this law is already doing for Americans with insurance," Obama said during a Mother's Day-themed event at the White House. "There's a lot more that's going to happen for folks who don't have insurance"  (Julie Pace and Jim Kuhnhenn, 5/10).

Kaiser Health News has video and a transcript of the president's remarks.

USA Today: Obama On Health Care: 'The Law Is Here To Stay'
Obama invited supporters to the White House on Friday to promote the law's benefits for women and lay groundwork for the introduction of health care insurance exchanges in October. ... As Republicans cite polls that show rising opposition to the law -- and predict it will be a major factor in next year's congressional elections -- Obama said it's understandable that people would be nervous and anxious about its implementation (Jackson, 5/10). 

The New York Times: Obama Makes New Pitch On Health Care Law

President Obama provided a vigorous defense of his health care law on Friday, saying he was "110 percent committed'' to delivering its benefits on schedule, and he said consumers should not be "bamboozled" by critics spreading misinformation about the law. ... Mr. Obama made the moral case for universal health insurance coverage, an argument that he has often neglected in the past (Pear and Baker, 5/10).

NBC News: With A Mother's Day Peg, Obama Defends Health Care Law Against 'Misinformation' 
The Affordable Care Act was passed in 2009 over the vigorous objections of Republicans, but most of its sweeping provisions are only beginning to be implemented now. ... Obama conceded that "undoubtedly there will be some mistakes and hiccups as this thing gets started up" but that the program's implementers are quickly responding to problems (Dann, 5/10). 

The Hill: Obama Defends Health Law As Democrats Fret Over 2014 Elections
Public polling shows the healthcare law remains unpopular ... That's a major concern for Democrats ahead of a midterm election that historically goes against the president's party. ... Members of Obama's own party have relentlessly criticized the administration for not doing enough to sell the public on ObamaCare, especially as new coverage options are about to come online. Some Democrats fear a rough rollout could cost them in the 2014 midterms (Baker, 5/10).

Meanwhile --

The Washington Post: Budget Request Denied, Sebelius Turns To Health Executives To Finance Obamacare
Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has gone hat in hand to health industry executives, asking them to make large financial donations to help with the effort to implement President Obama's landmark health-care law. Her unusual fundraising push comes after Congress has repeatedly rejected the Obama administration's requests for additional funds to set up the Affordable Care Act, ... Many of the secretary's calls have gone to current supporters of Enroll America, the most prominent non-profit working on the health-care law's implementation. Its president, Anne Filipic, joined the group in January, after serving as the White House's deputy director for public engagement (Kliff, 5/10).

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