Olympus pathology microscope systems and accessories to be presented at ECP

Enhancing the workflow of research and diagnostic centres alike, the latest range of Olympus pathology microscope systems and accessories will be on show at the 25th European Congress of Pathology (ECP) 2013, 31 August – 4 September in Lisbon, Portugal. Delegates can visit booth 14 to view the Olympus BX3 range of upright microscopes and the Olympus VS120 virtual slide scanner.

1309OEH13Aug BX53 Discussion unit

The BX3 range of upright microscope offers complete flexibility in pathology applications due to a modular design. Ergonomics is a priority, and each user can set up the microscope to match their posture, for both comfort and convenience. The range includes several models focused on either clinical or research microscopy, and delegates of ECP will have a chance to view the fully automated BX63, the research-focused BX53 and the BX43 clinical imaging system.

The BX63 delivers high performance automated microscopy for research applications, and the system on display at booth 14 will also feature the unique dual chip Olympus DP80 digital camera. Combining colour and monochrome chips within the same housing allows joint colour and fluorescent imaging in pathology applications, for example when combining histological staining with fluorescent dyes on the same sample. The BX3 range lends itself to easy integration into existing workflows, and visitors can also discover how the BX43 clinical microscope is compatible with both third party cameras and software.

With a modular design, the research-focused BX53 can be easily customised and the system on display at ECP will feature the Olympus discussion tube unit. Allowing multiple users to observe the same specimen using separate eyepieces, this system is ideal for both teaching and consulting, as all users see the actual image, not a digital representation. The unit is a powerful tool for reviewing difficult cases with other pathologists and colleagues to discuss diagnoses, and delegates of ECP are invited to bring along their own samples to examine with colleagues.

Also on display will be the Olympus VS120 virtual slide scanner, which features the flexibility, resolution and image quality necessary for meeting the demands of pathology research workflows. The system creates a “virtual slide” high-resolution image of the complete specimen at a range of magnifications, which can be electronically stored on a central server. This enables instant access and simultaneous viewing anywhere in the world, omitting the need to transport specimens between laboratories, reducing slide archives and securing a permanent digital record of the sample.

Delegates will discover how the latest in Olympus imaging technology enables new possibilities for clinical and research pathology applications alike.

For more information on ECP 2013, visit www.esp-congress.org.

To find out more about the Olympus BX3 series and VS120, visit us at booth 14, or go to www.olympus-europa.com.


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