HHV cleared of all lawsuit charges, continues to help veterans and their families

Help Hospitalized Veterans (HHV), the charitable organization that for more than 42 years has helped in the recovery of wounded, sick or disabled American veterans, announced today that the lawsuit brought by the California attorney general had been settled and that HHV will continue helping veterans reclaim their lives.

Under the terms of the agreement with the California attorney general's office, HHV was exonerated of all charges.

Hugh P. Quinn, HHV's lead attorney and a senior partner at the Fluet Huber + Hoang law firm that represented HHV, said that the agreement was a tremendous victory for veterans and their families. "The attorney general's complaint and the subsequent litigation damaged HHV's ability to help veterans," he said. "To say the least, I'm very happy that the attorney general agreed that HHV and its board of directors had done nothing wrong and that HHV should continue its work."

Quinn said that the California attorney general's office has agreed to contact the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to strongly encourage it to begin working with HHV as it had been doing before the complaint was filed. "The attorney general realizes the damage her complaint against HHV did and seems eager to rectify the situation," he said. "HHV is grateful for the attorney general's understanding of the need to help our nation's veterans and her willingness to quickly reach out to the VA so that its work can get back up to speed."

The agreement with the attorney general does not include any admission of guilt or finding of any wrongdoing, fault, violation of law, or liability by HHV. HHV has agreed to replace its board of directors with a new board whose members will be pre-approved by the attorney general. In addition, HHV's current chief executive officer will retire.

"HHV will now move on with its primary mission of helping veterans who are patients," Quinn said. "As long as there's a need, HHV will be there and we're looking forward to reconnecting with veterans and their families and our supporters so that our work continues."


Help Hospitalized Veterans

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