Ceram hosts free webinar on ‘How Clean is Your Device?’

Ceram, the international materials technology company, will be hosting a free webinar, ‘How Clean is Your Device?’ on Thursday 21 November at 3pm (UK time).

Hosted by Dr. Chris Pickles, Principal Consultant, Surfaces & Coatings, the webinar will cover the use of surface chemical analysis for the validation of device cleaning processes. 

In addition to discussing the main techniques used, Chris will use case studies to show how contaminants and their source can be identified and measured, both pre-and post cleaning, and how and why conventional cleaning has its limitations.  He will also outline how Validata, Ceram’s proprietary analytical protocol, monitors and validates cleanliness during process operation.

Ceram has many years experience of validating the cleanliness of both medical devices and cleaning processes and helps clients to implement cleaning procedures to gain regulatory approval, to identify contaminants and their source quickly and to verify that process changes, such as new cleaning lines, have not affected cleanliness.

Chris Pickles says:

“Cleanliness is, of course, critical to medical device manufacturers, both to gain regulatory approval and to ensure that any adverse incidents cannot be traced back to contaminants.  Of the various analytical methods available to measure device cleanliness, only surface analysis can inform the level of adsorbed contaminants and this is why I believe it is the best method to truly validate the cleaning process.”

To register for the webinar, visit www.ceram.com/webinar.


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