Neutra seeks new breakthroughs in greenhouse cultivation to develop and market around globe

In the company's quest to introduce new technology on the cutting edge of the indoor horticulture industry, Neutra Corp. (OTCBB: NTRR) is seeking out new breakthroughs in greenhouse cultivation to develop and market around the globe.

Lured by the prospect of dramatically cutting electricity costs, more and more indoor horticulturalists are experimenting with greenhouse facilities. While some developers claim that their structures can save between 25-50 percent of electrical costs compared to indoor grow operations, building a high-tech greenhouse remains an expensive and difficult proposition for many growers, with a lot of room and demand for additional efficiency.

"Technology is triggering a big change in the way many nutraceutical crops are grown—particularly cannabis," said NTRR CEO Sydney Jim. "New greenhouse innovations are emerging that could allow cultivators to lower costs, boost yields and maximize production. At NTRR, we want to take a leadership role in delivering those breakthroughs to the rapidly expanding marketplace."

Alongside partners Vertigo Technologies, the company is working to deliver a turn-key solution for indoor horticulturalists that could be especially useful for growers in Colorado and other booming horticultural markets for whom high yields and speedy production are especially crucial to business. Additionally, the partners are developing anti-microbial solutions that could one day eliminate the need for pesticides in the herb's cultivation.

NTRR also recently acquired Diamond Anvil Designs (DA), a cutting-edge developer of customizable vapor pens that can be adapted to deliver a variety of nutraceutical substances, including dry herbs, oils and waxes.

By providing a variety of new technologies designed to ensure safer, more reliable access to nutraceuticals such as cannabis in approved markets, Neutra Corp. plans to enjoy unprecedented growth in 2014 alongside Cannabis Science, Inc. (OTCBB: CBIS), Medical Marijuana Inc. (OTCBB: MJNA) and Vape Holdings Inc. (OTCBB: VAPE), delivering technological advancements in the cultivation and processing of cannabis in approved markets.

Source: Neutra Corp. 


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