Spire Leeds Hospital invests £200,000 in PENTAX Medical’s HD+ endoscopes

Spire Leeds upgrades to cutting edge HD+ range from PENTAX Medical

Spire Leeds Hospital has invested almost £200,000 in state-of-the-art endoscopy equipment from PENTAX Medical – which will benefit local patients. The extraordinarily high resolution images that the new equipment provides will help enhance the hospital’s detection of diseases, such as cancer, and enable earlier treatment which can improve patient outcomes.

The hospital has completely re-equipped its endoscopy department with the most advanced flexible endoscopes on the market: these are flexible cameras that are inserted into the stomach, digestive tract and bladder to help detect and diagnose cancer.

PENTAX Medical is renowned for the quality, reliability, innovation and simplicity of its cutting-edge endoscopy products. This investment in PENTAX Medical’s HD+ endoscopes by Spire Leeds Hospital, will ensure that its patients are provided with the best possible care.

Sister Jill Walker, Head of the Minor Procedures and Endoscopy Unit at Spire Leeds Hospital, said: “We have had many happy consultants complimenting the equipment because of the exceptional images it produces, and the features that are available. It is very easy to use and the image quality is excellent. The wireless technology was amazing for me and I feel really lucky to have such up-to-date cutting edge technology available for our patients here at Spire Leeds.”

Jamie Grimshaw, Account Manager for PENTAX Medical, said: “Spire Leeds Hospital wanted their endoscopy suite to be the best in the area and they have been delighted not only with the full range of state-of-the-art equipment supplied, but also the after sales care and continuing support and training which PENTAX Medical offers to its customers. We are pleased to continue supporting Spire Leeds clinicians to deliver the best possible endoscopy service to their patients.”


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