EPA should lower safe fluoride level goal in public drinking water systems to zero

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New evidence indicating that EPA should lower its safe fluoride level goal in public drinking water systems to zero, will be presented by former EPA senior risk assessment scientist, William Hirzy PhD, at the Fluoride Action Network's (FAN) 5th Citizens' Conference and Lobby Day on Fluoride, September 5 – 8, at the Crystal City Hyatt Regency Hotel in Crystal City, VA. A press conference on September 5 will provide a preview (details below). 

While Israel has ended fluoridation last month (see Newsweek article) the EPA Office of Water continues to shamelessly drag its feet on this issue. In 2006, after reviewing fluoride's toxicity, the National Research Council told EPA it should lower fluoride's current maximum contaminant level goal (MCLG) of fluoride in drinking water to protect health. But, after over 8 years, EPA has failed to do so. 

Dr. Hirzy says, "It's possible EPA is under political pressure to save the US fluoridation program, which is the addition of artificial fluoride chemicals into water supplies purportedly to reduce tooth decay. However, there is sufficient evidence to prove fluoridation can be harmful to health and should be stopped." 

The Safe Drinking Water Act requires the EPA to develop an MCLG for fluoride and other contaminants in drinking water. The MCLG is the level estimated by the EPA to be protective of the whole population (including the most vulnerable) from known and reasonably anticipated health effects. 

Nineteen studies indicate that fluoride interferes with animals' learning and memory and 39 studies indicate an association between fluoride exposure and lower IQs in children. Chinese medical researcher, Professor Quanyong Xiang, will discuss his work at the FAN conference showing that fluoride lowers IQ at modest water concentrations after adjusting for lead and arsenic levels and controlling for iodine exposure. 

According to FAN director Paul Connett, PhD, "Professor Xiang's visit to DC could not have come at a better time. Promoters of fluoridation distribute misleading and inaccurate information to the media and to decision-makers on the IQ studies. There are few researchers in the world better qualified to set the record straight on this critically important research than Quanyong Xiang."

Dr. Hirzy will present a risk assessment for developmental neurotoxicity based on Xiang's work and the work of researchers at Harvard School of Public Health who published a meta-analysis of 27 neurotoxicity studies, 26 of which showed lower IQs among children exposed to higher fluoride levels than control children exposed to lower levels.

Source: Fluoride Action Network



  1. James Reeves James Reeves United States says:

    It is illegal for a doctor or a dentist to  force anyone to take a drug or a chemical. It should be illegal for the government as well.  Fluoride should not be added to drinking water, which forces everyone to consume it against their will. It affect the brain (lowered IQ),  the bones (fractured hips), the  thyroid gland, etc. The world has learned the truth that fluoridation is ineffective for teeth and dangerous to health, so only 5% of the world and only 3% of Europe fluoridate their drinking water, more in the U.S. than the rest of the world combined. Data from the World Health Organization shows  that the tooth decay rate in Europe is as good or better than any fluoridated country including the U.S., with over 70% fluoridation.

  2. Peter Thomas Peter Thomas New Zealand says:

    Case histories and peer reviewed research shows that fluoride can cause harm even at low levels. People can experience toxicity symptoms from drinking fluoridated water or using fluoride tablets. Symptoms include neurological problems, headaches, skin irritation, gastrointestinal pain and symptoms (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation) urticaria, pruritus, stomatitis, chronic fatigue, joint pains, and polydipsia (Waldbott 1956, 1958, Feltman 1956, Feltman and Kosel 1961, Grimbergen 1974, Petraborg 1977, Spittle 2008, reviewed by NRC 2006). Patients were often unaware that their drinking water contained fluoride. Symptoms improved with avoidance of fluoridated water and returned with consumption of fluoridated water or with experimental challenge with fluoride and confirmed by double blind testing. Doctors aren’t trained to suspect fluoride, so patients may be treated for side effects when all that is needed, is avoidance of fluoridated water. The Feltman and Kosel study was published in the Journal of Dental Medicine and received funding from the US Public Health Service, Department of Health Education and Welfare, Washington DC.

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