Children require specific pediatric dentist to properly care for their dental needs

When kids are young, they look up to their parents more than anyone in the world. Kids try to mimic their parents' actions and take every opportunity to do what they do. If your child is hesitant about going to the dentist, it may help if you begin taking them to the same dentist that you yourself visit. What usually interferes is that children require a specific pediatric dentist to properly care for their constantly changing dental needs. Luckily, multi-specialty practices like Medical Center Dental Care employ a team of highly-trained dentists specializing in a variety of dentistry subcategories. At Medical Dental Care, parents can get all of their general and cosmetic dentistry needs fulfilled while being assured that their children's complex needs are being met as well. Here are three reasons why it's important to bring your child to an experienced pediatric dentist in West Hills like Dr. Magnolia Becker of Medical Center Dental Care:

  1. Physical Differences – Since children's teeth are at very different stages of development, a pediatric dentist needs to be trained in a wide variety of situations to decide the right course of action when treating a child. Knowing how baby teeth will affect a child's permanent smile is a vital skill while assessing if or when a child should be referred to an orthodontist. This decision is made easier by multi-specialty practices like Medical Center Dental Care that have an in-house orthodontist to consult with a patient's primary care dentist. Dr. Becker has also completed special Pediatric Dentistry training at UCLA after getting her degree there in general Dental Surgery.
  2. Comfort - Since many children have anxiety about going to the doctor or dentist, it's important that your child goes to a specialist trained to provide care and comfort along with expert dental care. A general adult dentist in Woodland Hills might be more cold and clinical and can have trouble connecting to children on a personal level. In addition to having children of her own, Dr. Becker regularly travels to her home country of Peru to provide pro bono dental work for children in need of care. She is also fluent in English and Spanish which helps her relate to children no matter which language they feel more comfortable speaking.
  3. Habits – Another important aspect of pediatric dentistry is educating young patients on how to develop proper brushing and flossing habits that will last them a lifetime. Children also are naturally curious about everything in their world, including their teeth, so a pediatric dentist is there to answer any and every question that a child may have. Pediatric dentists generally have much more patience and better bedside manner than general dentists.

SOURCE Medical Center Dental Care


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