IDT supports unique bioengineering public outreach program

To help the general public understand how bioengineering is changing the world for the better, Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) is supporting a unique public outreach program led by expert plant synthetic biologists at Revolution Bioengineering.

Detailed in a recent DECODED article, “Color-Changing Flowers—Biotechnology for Everyone”, Revolution Biotechnology is creating bioengineered Petunia flowers that change color on demand throughout the day, bringing the incredible potential of plant molecular biology to life—outside of the food supply, outside of corporate control—to a place where people can interact with it.

1Public outreach with the color-changing Petunia

IDT’s gBlocks® Gene Fragments play a central role in this project. These double-stranded, sequence-verified genomic blocks are utilized to modify genes involved in anthocyanin metabolism during the development of two varieties of the color-changing flowers; the intriguing technical basis for this is explained in the article.

Further supporting this innovative project, IDT is donating custom oligonucleotides and gBlocks™ Gene Fragments towards the research. Keira Havens, CEO Revolution Bioengineering comments:

IDT helps to make this work possible, and their support says they believe in the promise of biotechnology and how it can help humanity.

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