Dnurse Glucose Meter and Dnurse app gain CE approval

Dnurse Technology has announced today that the Dnurse Glucose Meter and Dnurse app for Android and iOS have gained CE approval. It is the first CE approved smart glucose meter in China. CE (European Conformity) marking has been a mandatory conformity marking for certain products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA) since 1985. It is the manufacturer's declaration that the product meets the requirements of the applicable EC directives.  The CE stamp is recognized worldwide. CE’s approval of the smart glucose meter marks the start of a new era for mobile diabetes management.

Dnurse Glucose Meter is a portable blood glucose meter that connects to the smartphone through the headphone jack providing fast and accurate blood glucose test results. The Dnurse Glucose Meter works together with the Dnurse app, which collects and stores all blood testing results automatically and permanently to the cloud. It intelligently analyzes the blood glucose trends, and reminds patients in real-time about blood checking, medicine taking, and exercising. It can also send your blood glucose results to your family members and doctor through text and email. The Dnurse app has a version for patients and for doctors, allowing for much easier doctor patient communication. The Dnurse app can be found on Google play and Apple store, and is totally free.

In fact, the Dnurse Glucose Meter and Dnurse app gained CFDA approval in China in February 2014. The Dnurse Glucose Meter has also passed multiple clinical tests from many of China’s top level hospitals. The CEO of Dnurse said:

our mission is to control blood glucose through our mobile technology, and share your testing results with your loved ones and your doctors, in the hope of breaking down the cold wall that exists between patients and the outside world.

With CE certification, the Dnurse series of products can be sold to Europe and most emerging markets. Dnurse Technology expanded their business to Africa and the Mid-East last year.  The cost of the Dnurse Glucose Meter standard package is only $40.

Source: http://www.dnurse.com/en/


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