Fully automated live cell imaging and analysis from BioTek’s BioSpa

BioTek’s BioSpa Live Cell Imaging System fully automates live cell imaging workflows for robust, real-time results without the need for manual intervention.

The BioSpa System has a compact footprint for use on benchtops and in biosafety cabinets, and consists of the BioSpa™ 8 Automated Incubator and Cytation™ 5 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader. BioTek’s liquid handling instruments may also be linked with the BioSpa System for complete, walk away automation from sample preparation through image analysis.

BioSpa System

In the System, BioSpa 8 provides precise, real-time environmental control and monitoring for live cell assays in up to 8 lidded or unlidded plates or other labware. It incorporates a robotic gripper to move sample plates or vessels from BioSpa 8’s incubator drawer to Cytation 5 for automated image capture, processing and quantitative analysis of live cell assays.

Imaging capabilities include fluorescence, brightfield, color brightfield and phase contrast, up to 60x, along with advanced imaging and analysis features such as single or multi-color imaging, montage creation, time-lapse, Z-stacking and Z-projection, digital phase contrast, image stitching and video creation.

BioSpa’s software seamlessly integrates with Gen5™ Microplate Reader and Imager Software for increased workflow efficiency during short and long-term cell-based assays.

BioTek Instruments, Inc., headquartered in Winooski, VT, USA, is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture, and sale of microplate instrumentation and software. These technologies are used to aid life science research, facilitate drug discovery, provide rapid and cost-effective analysis, and enable sensitive, accurate quantification of molecules across diverse applications.

BioTek espouses a “Think Possible” approach that sets the tone for fresh ideas, unsurpassed customer service and original innovations. As such, they are often honored for local accomplishments and technological innovations, including Best Places to Work in Vermont and North American New Product Innovation Award for Workflow Solutions in Life Sciences.



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