Technically advanced medication dispensing cabinet released by Omnicell

Reinforcing its reputation as a world-leading provider of automated healthcare solutions and medication adherence packaging, Omnicell UK & Ireland has launched a new generation of automated medication dispensing systems, Omnicell XT, at the forefront of technological advancement.

Demonstrating Omnicell’s commitment to continually push the boundaries of innovation, the Omnicell XT cabinet series is designed to further support hospitals with efficiency, safety and flexibility. Optimising inventory, minimising stockouts, and reducing missed doses are just some of the many benefits of the new automated dispensing system, giving pharmacy and nursing staff more time to focus on face-to-face patient care.

The Omnicell XT Automated Medication Dispensing Cabinet features a revolutionary design approach to maximise workflow efficiency and drive much needed cost savings, while being at the forefront of patient safety and compliance. No other medication dispensing system is as flexible, allowing NHS Trusts to easily adapt to a growing demand for services or changes in medication dispensing strategies.

  • Safety – the Omnicell XT cabinet helps to minimise risks caused from drug medication errors by boasting a variety of metal locking lid drawers which accommodate all dosage forms and patient specific medication. It links medication availability to the prescription database and medication selected, making sure the right patient receives the right medicine at the right time.
  • Efficiency – the cabinet has up to 30% greater line item capacity compared with previous Omnicell cabinets, allowing more medication to be accessed on the ward. The Guiding Lights feature—which quickly directs users to selected medicines, giving faster medication retrieval on hospital wards—has also been optimized and is six times brighter.
  • Savings – the average initial saving for each ward that has an Omnicell cabinet installed is £10,000, as it helps by reducing ad-hoc ordering, stockouts and drug wastage. Importantly, it also saves valuable nursing time - which can be re-directed back into face-to-face patient care.
  • Flexibility – the cabinets expand to meet the changing needs of hospitals. Shelves can be easily swapped on site for lockable drawers in varying combinations. The modern Starbus electronics architecture supports wireless accessories and future innovations, ensuring it has the potential to work with any technology updates.

Omnicell UK & Ireland already boast 1,000 systems in over 100 NHS hospitals across the UK. The new XT cabinets are compatible with current Omnicell G3/G4 cabinet infrastructure. The XT cabinets use the same OmniCenter® server setup and interfaces, and the user interface software is the same, so minimal training is needed.  

The new Omnicell XT Automated Dispensing System will help Trusts to meet Lord Carter’s recommendations on improving patient safety, efficiency, and driving vital cost savings needed across the NHS. The system gives management visibility of spend, usage history, and consumption trends which can be broken down at both a consultant and patient level—providing hospitals with a full audit trail.

The GS1 standards required by the Department of Health by 2019/20 are also fully met by the new Omnicell XT cabinets. Omnicell is the only GS1 accredited partner who can provide a solution for both medication and supplies, making it the most economically efficient choice for Trusts.

Paul O’Hanlon, Managing Director for Omnicell UK & Ireland comments, “We’re delighted to be launching the new Omnicell XT Automated Medication Dispensing System, which pushes the boundaries of innovation within the field of automated healthcare solutions. The upgraded cabinet will help hospitals and care settings to meet the Department of Health’s required GS1 standards for 2019/20, as well as delivering Lord Carter’s recommendations.

Here at Omnicell, we pride ourselves in providing everything needed to smoothly integrate the system into Trusts and offer unparalleled support and after-care service. We are committed to constantly developing our systems to ensure customers are always at the forefront of stock management, clinical governance and patient safety."

Paul O’Hanlon, Managing Director for Omnicell UK & Ireland



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