Tradeshow Talks with Grundium

Tradeshow Talks with GrundiumHall A3, Booth 537

Tell us about the company and why you are attending analytica 2018.

Grundium is a Finnish imaging technology company, founded by ex-Nokia engineers 2015. Our new product, Grundium OCUS, is the world’s first portable digital microscope and scanner. We are attending analytica to launch the product and show it live for the first time.

What products are you highlighting at analytica 2018?

We are promoting the Grundium OCUS. We see it as a product to transform personal digital microscopy, making  clinicians and researchers lives easier by making daily work faster.

The Grundium OCUS will aid quicker diagnosis of patients for clinicians, as it removes the need for slides to be physically sent from the clinic to the lab - it provides a global pool of pathology experts view the samples in realtime, therefore making looking at sample slides convenient even off-lab.

It makes scanning, sharing and live viewing whole slide images with peers next door or on other side of the world easy and fast.

What makes this product different from anything else on the market?

It’s portable, only 3.5kg and fits easily into carry-on luggage. It is connected directly to the internet over WiFi and operated from web browser. It’s only a fraction of size compared to anything else.

Which industries will benefit from this product?

Medical and Biotech. The Grundium OCUS gives hospitals the absility to scan slides in-house reach a global pool of pathology experts to improve their healthcare level and acquire secondary consultations from external pathology labs.

Visit Grundium at hall A3, booth 537 this week at analytica 2018!


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