Tradeshow Talks with Qosina

Tradeshow Talks with QosinaBooth: E8

Please tell us a bit about the company and why are you here today.

Qosina is a provider of components to the medical device industry so our objective is to provide components to companies who are manufacturing medical devices.

We spend a lot of time focusing on small to medium-sized companies, who have start-up projects. The company was formed in 1980, after the founder of the company realized that companies developing products have a very difficult time buying components and gaining access to components in the market, due to the demands that manufacturers put on those companies.

With that in mind, he realized that there was a niche market, especially for companies who are just starting out. They often can't afford to buy large volumes of a product or can't commit as they’re at the early stage of the game.

That's our focus and our primary objective - to provide companies with high or low volumes at low cost.

Is there a specific product that you're featuring?

Today we are showing a broad range of products. We have thousands of stock components that we provide and that's how we're best known in the industry.

Some of the services that we provide to people include the ability to reach out to multiple manufacturers and act as a one-stop-shop for those customers. The benefit of that is our power to provide a good price. Number two is the advantage of having multiple manufacturers where you can second-source the product, so if something happens to one manufacturer you will have access to another manufacturer's product as well.

We also provide services to our customers who have a particular need and an off-the-shelf stock component doesn't quite meet that need. We have the ability to help that customer source or optimize their component design.

How are your services and products unique?

The first thing is the fact we're willing to provide low volume, so if you just wanted to purchase ten pieces of a particular item, we are happy to provide that to you. You're not required to buy 50,000. And at the same time, we have development teams who can work with you to figure out what's the best product design or the best component that fits your need.

In addition, we also understand material componentry, or particular component makeup, so if you have two or three different types of products you are trying to put together, you need to know how the plastics interact, and how they interact with other chemicals, we can help you figure that out. What's the right bonding, what's the right method, we can help work with you on that.

What are you hoping to get out of the conference?

We’re hoping to get access to new customers, some of who are not familiar with who we are, or customers who are looking to find sources for their early stage development products. Of course, we’re also here to say hello to our existing customers and I'm happy to say, we see quite a few of them at the show.


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