Highlighting Advances in Bioengineering and Analytical Technologies with eBooks

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The fundamentals of digital content marketing and complex scientific industries can be considered at odds with one another. One is driven by the ease of digestibility and the other by a sense of quality in breadth and depth.

Synthesizing the key points of innovations in bioengineering and analytical technologies into a brief blog post or a snippet on social media might seem impossible, even counterintuitive. Yet it is possible to explore the intricacies of bioengineering and analytical technologies in an indulgent, marketing-friendly manner.

eBooks are often considered the natural evolution of the whitepaper. Unconstrained by the requirements of alternative forms of digital content with regards to word count and on-page SEO, they offer you a platform to tell your bioengineering or analytical technologies without limitations for the sake of brevity or keyword density.

An eBook isn’t a miracle cure for all that ails your bioengineering and analytical technologies digital marketing strategy, but they can perform a critical role in conveying detailed and complicated data while opening new avenues of lead generation.

The Purpose of an Analytical Technologies eBook

There are two key reasons to center your analytical technologies digital marketing strategy around an eBook.

Firstly, they provide a sense of valuable longevity that is often lost in the digital space. Readers are encouraged to download PDF versions of your analytical technologies eBook by completing form submissions, which generates named leads and a dedicated base of potential newsletter or email marketing subscribers. In the age of GDPR, providing reliable and authoritative content is the safest and most efficient way to acquire data from new consumers.

AZoTopTip: Spend time considering the design and layout. Often design can be an afterthought, but in reality, it should be at the forefront of your mind when thinking what content will be in your final eBook. It will ultimately help guide what you decide to place one each page. Good design does not only consider the aesthetic appeal but how easy it will be for the reader to use.

Authority and reliability factor into the second key purpose of using eBooks for your analytical technologies marketing push. An eBook comprises all the technical specialty of a whitepaper in a shareable format, with a pristine narrative style and attractive visual indicators. These factors are also relevant to the new digital landscape of post-GDPR, where increasingly circumspect readers demand the highest-quality content. eBooks are richly-produced, comprehensive, and easily-navigable. This enhances your brand awareness and helps you corner a particular niche in the analytical technology sector by dominating the subject with regards to credibility and shareability.

Analytical Technologies eBook: A Case Study

AZoNetwork is one of the world’s leading science marketing companies, providing specialized digital marketing solutions for companies in the medical and life science sector. We generated an immense eBook for Pittcon, titled: Exploring the Latest Laboratory Science Innovations at Pittcon.

This eBook is megalithic compared to alternative forms of digital content. Separated into five distinct chapters with clearly-defined subsections, the eBook was envisaged as a comprehensive exploration of the latest advances in genomic analysis, bioengineering and analytical technologies presented at Pittcon 2017.

It served as a practical guide for scientists and interested professionals across a broad demographic cross-section, without alienating individual readerships. While the overarching structure explores sectors as varied as genomic analysis, food safety, and pharmaceutical R&D, the individual chapters function as a deep-dive into specific sectors.

The strong narrative structure enables easy navigation to key areas of the text. Individuals that download the PDF can consume the content as quickly or as slowly as possible, revisiting the eBook and returning to previous points as easy as bookmarking a page.

This allows eBooks to function as a suitable reference material, with tangible ROIs, trackable metrics in the form of downloads, and self-evident success with regards to building brand awareness.

eBooks from AZoNetwork

AZoNetwork can provide eBooks for distinct applications, product ranges, conferences reviews, and more. These can form the heart of a dedicated digital marketing strategy that works to convey all the intricacies of complex subjects in an attractive and ingenuitive way.

If you would like to learn more about designing an eBook and developing a concurrent digital marketing strategy, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Click the below link to learn more about AZoNetwork's content creation services.

About AZoNetwork

Having worked in the Advanced Ceramics industry for over a decade in the 90’s, founder, Dr. Ian Birkby recognized that engineers, designers and scientists often required educating in the potential uses and applications of Advanced Materials before they could utilize them in their products and processes.

This recognition of market demand and the emerging power of the internet led to the launch of our first site, AZoM.com – The A to Z of Materials in 2000.

Although the business has grown significantly to include a range of science, technology, medical and life science platforms, it has always stayed true to its principal aim:

We love telling science, technology and medical stories to people who can make a difference. Everything else follows from that.

Today we tell these stories across all digital platforms to a monthly addressable audience in excess of 5 million unique individuals.

Our customers come from all scientific, technological and medical sectors. Our extensive web footprint and subscriber base allows us to display a measurable return on investment to billion dollar multi-nationals and SME start-ups.

From Content Creation, through targeted distribution to closing the loop with the unique AZoIntel Content Performance analytics platform, AZoNetwork now provides a highly effective Science Marketing Platform based on its own unique Marketing Science.


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