CELLINK signs agreement to extend its production site

CELLINK’s production is completed in-house without middlemen – this unique advantage enables a workflow with high quality assurance and short lead times. To meet rising demand and incorporate its expanding product portfolio in the production line, CELLINK has signed an agreement to extend its business operations onto a new premises where all production efforts will take place.

The new space is located in Gothenburg close to the CELLINK headquarters.

With the ever-rising demand for our products and an expanded product portfolio, it is a natural step in our strategic plan to expand our production site. Starting in January 2020, the size of our space will increase from 300 to 1900 square meters. This significant expansion will enable us to increase our production capacity while maintaining the high quality characteristic of CELLINK products.

Our team is very excited to move into a large and customized location. I am really proud of the entire team and the way it has grown since CELLINK began. We experienced an enormous increase in output this past year, and we’ve also placed a lot of focus on developing new ways to raise our quality standards even higher.”

Simon Rekonen, Global Production Manager



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