New method for removing synthetic estrogen from water bodies

Synthetic estrogens from pharmaceuticals contaminate rivers and threaten the health of humans and fish. An effective and cost-efficient method for removing synthetic estrogen from bodies of water has been demonstrated in the peer-reviewed journal Environmental Engineering Science.

The researchers compared non-modified and modified forms of bentonite, a natural, low-cost absorbent that can remove pharmaceutical micropollutants from water bodies.

One particular bentonite complex can be considered a promising low-coast modified absorbent for the removal of 17α-ethinylestradiol and, potentially, of other relevant pharmaceutical organic micropollutants from wastewater environments."  

Carla Daniel, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, and coauthors

Journal reference:

Gallouze, H., et al. (2020) Removal of Synthetic Estrogen from Water by Adsorption on Modified Bentonites. Environmental Engineering Science.


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