1. Rhoda Nutter Rhoda Nutter United States says:

    It's funny I had never heard of this stuff till recently when my niece was given it in a psych hospital. Yes Dr.'s do use and recommend it. Then when I said something to my daughter about it she said the dr wanted grandson to take but it didn't work for him. It isn't to put you to sleep it is to keep you asleep once you go to sleep. No one can tell me about having kids that don't sleep. I have 3 children and 8 grandchildren and 3 nieces that I have helped raise. Lack of sleep and working is part of being a parent.
    My daughter told me to try it and I did. I have on my 4th night. Guess what everyone. I'm sitting here wide awake for the 4th night. It doesn't work on everyone. People with certain medical conditions should not take it. They don't like using it in the elderly and if they do it is a very low dose. So yes just like anything else if you are taking perscription meds make sure you check with your dr or the pharmacist to make sure it doesn't interfere with your medication also make sure you tell them at the dr or er that you are taking it. It may only be a supplement you still have to be careful

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