1. Stephen Morrison Stephen Morrison United Kingdom says:

    Hi I've had a lazy eye since birth and spent years going to hospital for tests and every time surgery was being thought about my eye improved although I never managed to practice the exercises. By 13 years old I'd had enough and opted to have surgery but it didn't have any lasting effect. Later in my twenties I started to have lessons in Alexander Technique and started to work on my lazy right eye myself. I then realised how much I was relying on my good left eye as my vision in my right eye when trying to read for instance was virtually non-existent. Anyway over years of very occasional practice in making myself try to read with my lazy right eye my sight has improved to the extent that it is almost as good as my left eye. Other things that have helped me are Craniosacral Therapy, Yoga (focusing the eyes on objects whilst doing Yoga) and daily basic Yoga eye exercises (circling the eyes in both directions) and Acupuncture. Although all these things cost money. The main thing for me seems to be to be really strict about practising daily in order to get some benefit. I like this article as it focuses on really improving vision by training the eye to brain mechanism to re-establish itself and not just on straightening the eyes.

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