1. Mickey Cashen Mickey Cashen United States says:

    The mortality rate for unvaccinated people, 0.085%, does NOT agree at all with the "reality" of the U.S. national average for the 12/1/20 - 2/8/21 study period.  Eyeballing a couple charts, there were around an avg. 180,000 cases/day and 2700 deaths/day in that time period, or about a 1.5% mortality rate - 17.6x as big as the study's claim of 0.085%
    When I read the numbers to my sister, a Johns Hopkins Hospital research master nurse who almost died of COVID-19 in the Spring, she was highly bothered by the ridiculously low number.  She also knows of vaccinated people who have died of COVID-19, so the 0.0% number for vaccinated deaths doesn't match the "reality" that's claimed here.

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