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  1. Paula West Paula West United States says:

    I have an abscessed tooth that is still hurting despite an extended antibiotic treatment with amoxicillan...about 2 weeks. I am waiting for the insurance company to let me know if a tooth implant will have any insurance coverage and if the extraction would at least be covered. I went onto amoxicillin as soon as the tooth started to hurt. It took a few days before my dentist could see me.  It's not getting a lot better.  I still have tooth pain in the tooth.  My dentists thinks the tooth might be cracked. Now I have developed a stabbing pain in the area of my left front leg where the groin and the leg/hip come together.  This is an artificial joint.  I had it done 4 years ago and have never had any issues with it. It is a stabbing pain right where the pulse in that area is located.  It comes and goes without any rhyme or reason.  I am afraid the infection may have spread to my artificial hip joint.  But the pain is definitely in the groin area.  Any ideas?

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