1. Christopher Prost Christopher Prost United States says:

    You are correct. There is no PG in inhalers. But if the contents in e-cigs were harmful we'd all be in a load of trouble. Take a walk down the medicine isle and read the ingredients. PG and glycerin are used and consumed daily by all of us. We inhale it, ingest it, and absorb it topically. Both are used in nasal sprays, eye and ear drops, cold medicine, hand sanitizer and on and on. It's impossible to avoid these products. Food, cosmetics, medicines including inject-able medicines. PG passes through the body largely unchanged. VG is turned into a simple sugar. Now if your worried about nicotine you'd better stop eating potatoes, eggplant, cauliflower and a host of others in the nightshade family. Please don't get me going on the formaldehyde scare BS as we all sit here exhaling 2-6ug with every breath. Would I say a ecig is safer than breathing fresh air, no. I do say it's better than the polluted air we breath. A recent study concluded the vapor in ecigs contained 17ppm of pollution. When the air was tested it contained 16ppm.

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