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  1. Sloopy .Dog Sloopy .Dog United Kingdom says:

    I was diagnosed with heart disease about 15 years ago.  I have had two heart attacks and 4 stents fitted.  I suffered dreadful angina for many years before the stents were fitted. I now only get angina on exertion.  About two years ago I started getting a severe throbbing in my head and under my chin.  The throbbing is there all the time but much worse at night and is very frightening.  My doctor prescribed pain killers, which didn't help and then after 18mths I was sent for an MRI scan of my head.  This showed slight blockages in the arteries leading to the brain, it was considered these were age related, i'm 69 years old.  I had a 24hr ECG done which showed an ectopic heart beat mostly at nights.  Nothing is being done to help me so I am forced to endure the throbbing in my head and neck.  When you get older doctors don't seem to be very interested.  I wish I could find out what exactly is causing it.

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