1. Mekkininsm Mekkininsm United States says:

    Seriously bored now, it's like you're not even trying with your arguments.

    "Gayness is viewed as a form of demon possession by scripture and by billions of people."
    Yeah and people used to think mentally retarded children were fairy babies. Schizophrenia is also thought to be caused by demonic possession. Turns out some good anti-psychotics drive those old demons right out.

    "Some view those afflicted by gayness as suffering from an aberrant or fragmented superego wherein certain fragments are used for coping with and viewing the world around them as the result of traumatic experience, "
    You're talking about Freud who never backed up anything he said with fact.

    "and is also viewed by many as a deviant mental disorder."
    The idea of even HAVING an orientation only came about because people were gleeful categorizing anything that strayed outside of the "norm" as a mental disorder. Pretty much any malady a woman had during Victorian times was deemed to be hysteria, something they treated by administering good, old fashioned orgasms. Until they managed to figure out that the women were enjoying it and well...can't have that, can we?

    "Who is to say the small number of animals committing unnatural acts are not afflicted with these same maladies? "
    1,500 species isn't a small number and none of your "maladies" are back by fact.

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