1. rory robertson rory robertson Australia says:

    Readers, modern rates of sugar consumption - including via sugary drinks - are a key driver of global obesity and type 2 diabetes, together the greatest public-health challenge of our times: care.diabetesjournals.org/.../2477.full.pdf

    Importantly, outsized rates of sugar consumption – alongside alcohol and tobacco – are a major driver of the unacceptable “gap”in life expectancy between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians: see the bottom row of Box/Table 2 in www.mja.com.au/.../characteristics-community-level-diet-aboriginal-people-remote-northern-australia

    In an effort to counter these disturbing trends - especially amongst young people and Indigenous peoples - I am calling for a ban on all sugary drinks in all schools in all nations: www.australianparadox.com/.../...ry-Drinks-Ban.pdf

    Readers, if after assessing the facts you think this proposal has merit, please forward it to parents, students, teachers, principals and heads of schools, nurses, doctors, dentists and others involved in public health and education.

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