Selecting the Right P-2000 Micropipette Puller Model

It is vitally important to choose the model of P-2000 Micropipette Puller best suited to your application needs. The P-2000 was initially intended for use with glass capillary tubes of 0.6 to 1.5 mm in diameter.

Since then, a newer modification of the P-2000 has been implemented with a customized puller bar that can clamp glass smaller than 600 microns in diameter. The original model used with larger diameter glass is now known as the P-2000/G, meanwhile the newer version equipped to clamp glass or fiber of very small size is referred to as the P-2000/F.

The P-2000/G

The design of the P-2000/G enables uniform heating on glass capillaries up to 1.2 mm in diameter. Although glass with diameters up to 1.8 mm are appropriate for the P-2000/G, performance is maximal using sizes of 1.2mm or lower. It is not sensible to select the P-2000/G for applications involving glass that is smaller than 600 microns in diameter.

The P-2000/F

Instead, the P-2000/F is significantly more suitable for use with small diameter glass, such as optical fibers and fused silica. Small-diameter materials, classified as having an outer diameter between 0.125mm to 0.6mm, necessitate distinct puller bars in addition to optical alignment.

In a similar manner to the original model, many different tip sizes and taper geometries can be created with the P-2000/F. The puller bars of the P-2000/F are also able to clamp larger diameter glass – this is because, prior to readjusting the optics to center on glass of a smaller diameter, each P-2000/F is accustomed with 1 mm quartz glass identical to the P-2000/G.

Which to Choose?

For applications requiring glass larger than 600 microns, the P-2000/G is the better suited of the two models. It must be reminded that the puller bars of the P-2000/F are appropriate for use with glass of a larger size, but it is significantly more difficult to ensure that the clamp is positioned correctly.

The standard puller bars for the P-2000/G clamp different glass sizes in the same vertical placement, whereas, for the P-2000/F, larger diameter glass clamps higher than smaller glass. Because of this, the incoming laser beam and the retro mirror need to be adjusted when alternating between glass of differing diameters, but only when using the P-2000/F model.

Sutter Instrument

For over 45 years, Sutter Instrument has been a recognized global leader in the design, and manufacture of specialized biomedical research instrumentation essential to biomedical research and emerging analytical techniques that utilize sub-micron probes and pipettes.

With distributors in over 38 nations outside the United States, our strong customer orientation, technical expertise and commitment to quality, has helped us develop an exceptionally loyal customer base that offer insights to advancing technologies and exhibit significant repeat purchasing patterns.

The unique synergy between our product groups (microprobe fabrication, micromanipulation, imaging, and micromanipulation) affords the company an ideal position for expansion and growth, especially in the high-growth fields of neuroscience, high-speed imaging, genomics, optogenetics, drug discovery and stem-cell research.  

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