Management and Assessment of the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

Product manufacturers require proficient oversight and development of clinical and commercial supply chain logistics to guarantee a continuous supply of products to the clinic and the market. DSI offers logistical oversight from the attainment of raw materials to start the process through to distribution of clinical materials to experimental sites for developmental programs and distributors for commercial products.

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Strategy, implementation and on-going supply chain assessment assistance

DSI experts in API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) and Drug Product manufacturing can give guidance to companies during all business aspects. This guidance could influence the supply chain, including the planning of production, sourcing raw materials, materials planning, choosing vendors, cost of goods, inventory planning, and supply redundancies and integrity. DSI can prepare firms for launch, helping to bring novel production facilities online and novel goods to market.


  • End-to-end supply chain assessment and optimization
  • Planning and management of technology transfer
  • Selection of vendors
  • Vendor audits and management
  • Evaluation of cost of goods
  • Strategy for inventory and contingency


  • A supply chain that is fully optimized
  • Lower costs throughout the supply chain and to final product
  • Enhanced vendor quality, reliability and integrity
  • Contingency planning and supply chain redundancy

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DS InPharmatics (DSI) provides regulatory, technical, and project management consulting services to healthcare product companies that manufacture and/or market pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, and cellular and gene therapy products.

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