4 Ways to lower costs for the pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical sector is constantly up against new challenges. Pharma manufacturing businesses are under constant pressure to deliver consistently excellent quality at cheaper prices owing to high research expenses, high productivity, and reliability. Additionally, as seen with COVID, businesses now need to accelerate their time to market.

Due to all of this, creative solutions are becoming more and more crucial to the pharmaceutical process

Endress+Hauser has many ideas on how manufacturers can cut costs while improving operational excellence by using innovative measurement technology and maintenance concepts. 

To control the costs, users may consider:

Optimizing calibration or installing self-calibrating temperature measurement devices

One of the most important measuring points in a bioprocess is temperature, which has a serious influence on both cell kinetics and the solubility of dissolved gases. The creation of products, cell proliferation, and cell viability are all impacted by temperature.

4 Ways to reduce costs in the pharmaceutical process while guaranteeing quality

TrustSens TM371. Image Credit: Endress+Hauser

To achieve the accuracy and precision demands of the pharmaceutical operation, narrow-band temperature management and regular calibration are required.

Temperature instruments need to be routinely calibrated to guarantee the best performance and quality. An interval of six months is typical for sensitive applications. Innovative measurement techniques can greatly cut calibration effort and costs.

Due to this, designers are creating the first self-calibrating temperature sensor in the world, the TrustSens TM371. This cutting-edge tool provides fully automated, traceable, inline self-calibration that will assist customers in removing nonconformities or errors that went unreported.

Standardizing installed assets, optimizing stock, and growing the availability of spare parts

Uniform operation and quick replacement of devices may sound simple, but it is not. The continual problem of gaining and maintaining complete transparency of the numerous deployed assets in the plant throughout time raises maintenance costs dramatically.

The first step to maximizing maintenance and plant availability is to analyze the existing assets in the facility. Professionals may spot aged or obsolete equipment during this process, which makes replacement simple.

By unifying existing assets, users will be able to enhance and streamline overall training initiatives in addition to significantly improving the spare parts logistics.

Incorporating and assessing diagnostic data and confirming instrument functionality

Many people view maintenance and calibration as time- and money-consuming annoyances. To protect process dependability and product quality, however, both management and calibration are crucial.

Heartbeat Technology-enabled instruments provide uniform diagnostic notifications for cost-effective operation and greatly lengthen test cycles. The technology makes it easy and convenient to keep an eye on the measurement sites while they are in use.

Production downtime is reduced when errors are identified early. Instrument verification ensures that every crucial component is operating according to specification.

Optimizing water production and distribution loop

Water must constantly flow at a flow rate greater than 2 m/second to avoid bioburden. Thus, accurate flow measurement is crucial, and crucial measurement locations must be frequently calibrated. Conductivity is the primary quality factor for both purified water and water for injection. The pharmacopeial restrictions must always be followed.

Thanks to Heartbeat Technology, these instruments, particularly in continuous operations, offer trustworthy self-monitoring and aid in the optimization of calibration processes. Increased plant availability and production are the immediate outcomes of this.

A fundamental requirement for PW and WFI is low-range conductivity measurement that is not temperature adjusted. The distribution loop system calibration is an effective method of ensuring legal compliance.

As a way to maximize water production, the following are the services provided:

  • Self-diagnostic and effortless verification 
  • Easy and fast calibration 
  • Reliable conductivity monitoring 
  • Highly accurate flow measurement 

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